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Useful Google Maps Tools

  Google Maps Tools  

Useful Google Maps Tools
A bit frustrating at first but very powerful and useful when you get the hang of it

Has your PC or Laptop started to slow downChristchurch Computer Service
Is it hijacking you to unwanted web sitesPC Repairs Christchurch
Are you worried about Windows 10 privacyDon't Want Windows 10 Annoying Ugrade Messages
Does it lock-up, hang or freeze on youPC Repair Christchurch
Do you have nuisance advertising or pop-upsChch Computer Repair
Is it doing what you want it to doChristchurch PC Repairs
Maybe it's overdue for a good clean-outComputer Repairs Christchurch
Or doing other things it shouldn't be doingWindows 10 Annoying

Lest we 4get NZ flag
Visual FoxPro (VFP)


Microsoft and industry (A+) certified

Computer Service Christchurch Mobile  PC / Laptop / Notebook service
Computer Repair Christchurch Virus removal,  Spyware removal and prevention
Christchurch Computer Repair Customisation of your PC to the way you work
Christchurch Computer Service Broadband Internet & Wireless (Wi-Fi) networks
Christchurch Computer Repair Service Removing the bloatware most new computers come with
Computer Service Christchurch Troubleshooting performance and network issues
Computer Repair Christchurch
Personalised 1-to-1 Tuition on your Laptop or PC
Basic (not expert but with good results) web site design plus web site hosting Basic web site design & web hosting services
We offer prompt, effective and friendly service at reasonable rates Prompt, effective and friendly on site service

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