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& Land Area Calculator
Created for Christchurch by Payback Computer Service
Measure the length or area of any simple or complex shape on a Christchurch Google map.
Note: "For development purposes only" means that as of June 11th 2018, Google wants to charge (me) to use the Google Maps API services, this means that unless you regular users contact me to give me an idea how many people use my Google Maps pages so that I can assess if it is worth paying Google, then unfortunately this page and many more like it will no longer be available.  
Christchurch Address:
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Enter the street address of the Christchurch property you want to measure and press enter or click 'Go'.
Use the (ctrl key + your mouse wheel) or the zoom controls at the bottom right of the map to zoom in to the area you want to measure.
Switch to map view to see and measure the boundaries of a property more accurately if they are obscured by foliage etc.
Click at the first point you want to start measuring from on the property to start defining an area or distance to be measured.
Red draggable edit markers will appear and mark each point you select. Just click where you want to add (or delete) more markers.
Click all the subsequent points along the outside edge of the shape you want to calculate the area of.
As you add points the total distance or area of the shape you have outlined will be calculated and displayed above the map.
Thanks to Rhem for creating the advanced vector maths and trig to help new markers (vertices) appear in their correct place after the polygon is drawn.
This distance / area calculator uses Google Maps API V3 ~ Web Design by  Payback Computer Service