End of Vodafone email?
    No Problem!
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Has Vodafone emailed you to say no more emailsChristchurch Computer Service
Do you have an @clear, @paradise, @vodafone or @ihug emailComputer Repairs Christchurch
Would you like help in setting up another email accountPC Repairs Christchurch
Do you want to use your own email program to store all your emails
on your computer and not the CloudChch Computer Repairs
Would you like an experienced Tech to come and do it all for youChch Computer Repairs
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 20% discount off the normal labour charge: "WTF Vodafone"
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Services   Microsoft and industry (A+) certified

Computer Service Christchurch Help and advice in setting up new email accounts
Computer Repairs Christchurch Bringing back the old favourite Outlook Express
Christchurch Computer Repairs Customisation of your PC to the way you work
Christchurch Computer Service Integrating multiple email accounts into one program
Christchurch Computer Repair Service Making email simple and more convenient
Computer Service Christchurch Assistance & advice on changing email Service Providers
Computer Repair Christchurch All PC / Notebook / Laptop repairs and Malware removal
Basic (not expert but with good results) web site design plus web site hosting Personalised 1-to-1 Tuition on your Laptop or PC
We offer prompt, effective and friendly service at reasonable rates Prompt, effective and friendly on site service

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