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Is your PC or Laptop getting slower to respondChristchurch Computer Service
Are you getting redirected to advertising web sitesPC Repairs Christchurch
Does it lock up or hang on you and force you to rebootwork from home
Are you upgrading to Windows 10 or Windows 11Windows 7 end of life
Are you concerned about your security & privacy issuesChristchurch PC Repair
Have your files been locked by Bitcoin RansomwareDon't Want Windows 10 Annoying Upgrade Messages
Is it overdue for a good tune up and clean-outComputer Repairs Christchurch
Is it making it hard to do things that shouldn't beChristchurch Computer Repairs
Or doing other things that it shouldn't be doingWindows 10 Annoying

Services We Provide

Microsoft Visual FoxPro (VFP) Microsoft and industry (A+) certified

work from home On-site PC / Laptop / Notebook service & repairs
Computer Repairs Christchurch Virus removal, Spyware removal and prevention
Christchurch Computer Repairs Customisation of your PC to the way you work
Spark or Vodafone 4G Wireless Broadband or Enable Fibre Help with Wireless 4G Broadband or Enable Fibre
Christchurch Data Recovery Service Data Recovery from USB flash or hard drives
Computer Service Christchurch Troubleshooting performance and network issues
Computer Repair Christchurch Personalised 1-to-1 Tuition on your PC or Laptop
Basic (not expert but with good results) web site design plus web site hosting Basic web site design & web hosting services
We offer prompt, effective and friendly service at reasonable rates Prompt, effective and friendly on-site service



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