Updated late July 2021


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As Christchurch is at alert level 1 for COVID-19 Coronavirus, I will be following the recommended guidelines to minimise the possibility of spreading or contracting this disease:
On-site service and repairs to your PC, Laptop or Notebook can now be performed as normal after attempting to resolve your repair issues over the phone or by using remote control software with your permission.
As Kiwi's are still encouraged to work from home as a preference wherever practical, the importance of having a working computer connected to a working Internet is critical for a lot of people so I will do my best to keep your computer working and on-line.
Christchurch is still in level 1 lockdown so lets all do our bit to limit the spread of this Pandemic which still has the potential to overwhelm our health system as it has done in other countries if we don't all follow the basic requirements of alert level 1.  ~ stay safe ~


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